Pink Balloons


This is what we do.


Balloon arches are coming back! This 90's trend is back with a modern twist!

They can be used to define an entryway, enhance the other decor in the room and guide your guests to your event. Below are examples of the type of arches that are possible. We hope this can help you in making a decision as to what you would like or would work in your event space. We are happy to help you with your design decisions. 

RELAX - We've got this! Bomb City Balloon Bar has your back. We are conscientious of your time and strive to always arrive early to setup so you don't have to stress about a thing. We use only the highest quality materials, and carry spares in case anything pops in transit. Our professional team handles all of the setup. Once your event is done, we take care of breaking down any arches, columns, balloon structures, etc.

There is a $50 retainer fee required to book your date, the rest can be paid out as needed!